Thursday, January 23, 2020

20 years later

It has been twenty years this month, January 2000, since I started my first college photography course. I have grown, learned, and changed a lot as a photographer in that time.  I had been taking photos since I was under 10 when I received my first 110mm film camera.  I have used various formats of film since then, and now of course I use digital primarily, but I remember looking for the perfect 35mm SLR camera for this class.  I ended up with a 1970s Olympus fully manual camera (model number not coming to me).  I was supposed to learn photography the way many had done before me, on a fully manual camera; i.e., shutter speed, aperture, film speed, lighting, etc. I also was told to shoot in black and white film only, because I was to learn how to develop the negatives myself.  It has been a number of years since I have done this, but I am sure it would come back to me fairly quickly.  

As classes commenced and I moved along with my photography studies, I learned so many skills that have shaped me into the photographer I am now.  Like with all skills, I am still learning, changing my ways, AND breaking the rules!  (Rule of thirds, anyone?!?) 

I thought I would share a little of my work (including photos from college assignments), from 2000 through the my most recent.  This will help me, as well as some of you, see how far I have come in 20 years!  Twenty years is a long time, and I know there are things I don't do now, that I had when I learned them back then, but I know that I have learned a lot, and have grown as a photographer in twenty years. 

This was one of the first photos I took in the winter of 1999-2000.  I was surprised at how well this turned out, once I printed it in the darkroom.  (Most of the following black-and-white photos are also from my first winter and spring classes, from 2000.)

Below is a random selection of photos that I am proud to share with you all. Enjoy! 

The following photos have been since 2003, after the move from Illinois to Colorado (and then on to Portland).

And finally, one of my best photos...

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