Sunday, December 30, 2018

Looking back, looking forward

As we say goodbye to another calendar year, we start to look back, as well as forward.  I am always look back on photographs, if for nothing else, to see how my photography keeps changing, as my photography grows.  I also look back on them to find that just right photo for a blog, or ideas for a book, or to make a "slideshow" to show loved ones.  I was looking for abstracts tonight, for photos for a sample book of abstracts or the like.  While doing this, I came across these photos I took on our August trip to coastal Washington.  The last one is just a sample of many abstract photos I came across in just an hour.  I believe that a goal of mine for the coming year, will be to complete a sample book on some topic, possibly abstracts, and I will likely have Jarrett write an introductory page.  (If the published photo book ever comes to fruition, I will definitely have Jarrett write some of it.)  

For now, here are a few photos (not all abstract) from August of this past year!  Enjoy and Happy New Year!